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Bailer Music Publishing

When the founder of the company, Ben Bailer, started his career in the late 1990s in Germany, the music world was under a different order. With the dawn of the digital age, he knew that he wanted to follow the footsteps of his father Peter Kirsten (+2004, founder of the Global Musikverlag, Global Records) but with a twist in the digital age.

Ben wanted to build something new. He wanted to combine the then new internet applications with the music business. The first attempt was to create a company which used all the videos that were created at the time and sell or monetize them somehow.
This idea was brought to life then when Ben and Tatjana Mühlthaler started a new company called di[rec]. They recorded concerts live and sold them on USB-flash devices right after the show from 2006 – 2008.

After many years of running the label Global Records successfully, Ben decided to follow his roots and start a new publishing company. He continued his business in Germany and the UK and started Bailer Music Publishing as a new company in the US.
As of 2016, the company is representing about 180 catalogs in the US and in Europe in excess of 32,000 copyrights.

With a very sharp eye on the developments of the new digital age, Ben is on the board of the German music publishing association (Deutscher Musikverleger Verband e.V.), the IMPF (International Music Publisher’s Forum) and continues to put himself at the intersection of technology and music.

Ben is working hands-on with the songwriters signed to Bailer Music while he is organizing and conducting writing camps in Munich (Germany), Malmö (Sweden) and Nashville (TN, USA). Many of the works represented have successfully charted in key-territories of the company and made their way into film productions in Hollywood and Europe.

Bailer Music Publishing has direct memberships at copyright collection societies in USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy.